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#30 Anahita Hosseini 🇮🇷 - Keep exploring, accepting & improvising

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🎤 “At some point, I realised I'm becoming so obsessed with everything being so perfect. Whenever I want to make the tiniest decision, I think about it so much! Then I realised that I am allowed to make mistakes and to be harmed, and it's only through those harms that I learned how to deal with them. Otherwise I won’t be able to deal with failure if it comes. It was a long journey of realising how important it is to accept my weaknesses”.

🇮🇷 Anahita Hosseini is a multi-talented Iranian youth and a proud generalist who’s always the first one to say “yes” to new things and to take the lead when working on new projects.

💪 She shares with us why she enjoys learning as much as possible, how she learned to be social and to take risks, and how she built her confidence and leadership skills by embracing her vulnerability.

💥 She’s an economics student, pianist, singer, performing arts addict and has participated in many international competitions of mathematics and economics since she was 12 years old.

🎯 She’s now studying her Master’s Degree, working at the United Nations Resident Coordinator Office in Iran, she’s an incredible volunteer with the Movers Programme, climate advocate, aspiring entrepreneur, and wondering whether she should keep being good at many things, or start becoming the best at one thing.


10’ - Generalist vs. Specialist

25’ - As a generalist, you develop economies of scope and transferable skills

34’ - Learning how to be vulnerable and to take risks

47’ - Only through harms that you can learn how to deal with them

55’ - Learning how to be social and to collaborate with other people

73’ - Discovering the world of social entrepreneurship and finding a community of aspiring entrepreneurs

99’ - The struggle of Iranian students to study abroad and Anahita’s daily struggle as a women

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