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#28 Kelly Vo 🇻🇳 - Creating opportunities, unleashing potential

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🎤 “I strongly believe in opportunity because I believe everybody has their own potential. When I was a kid, when I was a young little girl in my alley, I had potential. But that’s not enough if the environment around you is not supportive, if no one is giving you opportunities to change your life. That's why even though we have potential, we still need other people at one point in our life to give us the opportunity to change our life… and shine.

🇻🇳 Kelly (Tuyen) Vo is a connector, community builder and podcaster proudly born in Saigon, Vietnam, who’s passionate about bringing opportunities and resources to those who need it the most. If you’ve been following Life Line, she is the perfect example of a social gardener!

👏 Kelly is currently the Head of the Philanthropy Services Department at the LIN Center for Community Development, a non-profit on a mission to increase citizen participation and enhance the broader non-profit ecosystem in Vietnam. She also launched her podcast, Dear Our Community, where she invites doers in the community to inspire her audience about life purpose, happiness and social impact.

💪 We discuss about her difficult childhood, how she was the first one to go to college in her family, how one mentor changed her outlook in life, and how she progressively connected the dots, one experience at a time, to understand her life purpose and become the go-to person in the social impact ecosystem in Vietnam.

I had opportunities because my mentor gave it to me, a lot of people gave it to me, the NGO gave it to me for me volunteer with them. I want to give that opportunity to other people too when I can. It’s about resources: you want to do good, but you need resources. So that's what keeps me really motivated. You know, if you come from an environment where you really need opportunities, you will see how much it is important for you to have opportunities. That's why it really resonates with me and it’s close to my heart. So in everything I do, I try to create opportunities for people and help them to get the opportunity that they need".


7’ - Growing up without role models…

17’- … but by being the best at school

26’ - Find someone you can call a mentor

36’ - Discovering a new world through volunteering

41’ - Life is a succession of trials and errors until you connect the dots

48’ - Joining the LIN Center, a non-profit that supports non-profits

60’ - Start with why

67’ - Being curious about people and showcasing their stories through podcasting


Connect with Kelly on LinkedIn.

Check Dear Our Community Podcast (in Vietnamese) here.

Check the LIN Center here.

To read about Kelly, check this amazing written portrait of Vietcetera.

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