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#42 Melanie Mossard 🇫🇷🇰🇭 (1/2) - Building entrepreneurship ecosystems in emerging markets

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🇰🇭 Mélanie Mossard is an ecosystem builder specializing in emerging markets, CEO of Impact Hub Phnom Penh, Onboarding Coach with Impact Hub Global and Fellow of Frontier Incubators.

💪 Mélanie started her career as an unpaid Communication Intern and, 7 years later, became the CEO. Since 2015, Impact Hub Phnom Penh has supported 403 teams of 850+ people to grow their social enterprises, provided 245,000 USD in grant funding to 51 startups, ran 27 entrepreneurship programs, grew a team of 25+ people, and so much more!

💥 She goes through her journey coming from the French countryside to studying in an international business school, her time working in a salad factory or volunteering with Peruvian moms, and how she’s been creating life-changing opportunities for herself.

🚀 She shares how she has built her confidence to overcome her imposter’s syndrome and become the CEO and how, with her team, they turbocharged Impact Hub to lead change at a systemic level, guided by their vision of a more inclusive and sustainable Cambodia by 2040.


Read "Re-Imagine Cambodia 2030" and get inspired by Cambodia’s amazing changemakers.

Connect with Melanie on LinkedIn.

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