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#43 Monorom Tchaw 🇫🇷🇰🇭 - Connecting people with the soil and the food we eat

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🇰🇭 Monorom Tchaw is the Founder of Compost City, a social enterprise focused on environmental education and making composting easy for everyone in Cambodia.

🌱 Growing up in the city, she shares her journey connecting with the soil, with the food we eat, with farmers and with all the natural resources used in our everyday life.

🪴 She goes through how she started building her first home composting kits based on her own needs, and how it eventually became Compost City after improving her initial prototype, year after year.

👨‍🌾 She proudly shares how Compost City’s mission is evolving from only compost awareness towards making people connect with the soil and the food we eat.

💡 Finally, we discuss her overall life philosophy guided by non-violent communication and how she’s not trying to tell people what to think, but instead tries to make people think.

This episode is also special because I’m co-hosting it with Linka Lin so you will hear 3 people, and it was also recorded on video, so switch to YouTube if you want to see our faces! :D


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