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#40 Linka Lin 🇨🇳 - Leadership starts with self-acceptance

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😍 We are welcoming back Linka Lin for the 3rd time on Line Line, after listening to her story on episodes 1 and 25!

🇨🇳 She previously shared with us how she reinvented herself, from being a Chinese-English translator to, now, a community builder, mentor, cheerleader, youth advocate for thousands of youth in Asia-Pacific with UNDP. Her mission is to be a dose of inspiration for others and to spread kindness around her.

😇 In this 3rd chapter, we dive deeper into who Linka really is. We explore how her identity evolves as she knows herself better and how she wants people to remember her.

💪 We discuss her relationship with martial arts, why it’s more than a sport for her and why enduring physical pain makes her a better person.

🙌 And finally, she shares about the books that helped her become a more action-oriented person and understand the world around her!

🗒️ References:

-Listen to the first episode with Linka.

-Connect with Linka on LinkedIn.

-Connect with Linka on Goodreads.

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