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#1 Linka Lin 🇨🇳 - I want to spread kindness

Linka Lin - Life Line Podcast Cover

Listen to Linka Lin just below or on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcasts. For those living in China, you can also listen on Bili Bili.

🎤 "I want to be a dose of inspiration for other people!".

💪 In today’s episode, you will be meeting Linka Lin, an amazing human being who is a community builder, an entrepreneur, a mentor, a facilitator and a cheerleader for so many young changemakers in Asia-Pacific.

She will share with us her long journey transitioning from English and Chinese translation to supporting young social entrepreneurs and innovators all around Asia-Pacific with the United Nations Development Programme.


5' - Growing up in the Chinese countryside in-between 2 cultures

11' - Trying as many things as possible during university

21' - Adding value to the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Hong Kong, through English translation

26' - The art of reverse engineering to create your own luck

31' - Developing your third person perspective to ask yourself powerful questions

35' - Are you a doer or a planner?

40' - Empowering youth social entrepreneurs and innovators in Asia-Pacific with UNDP

48' - "I want to spread kindness"

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You can contact Linka on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Join the Movers Programme here!

🎧 Where to listen?

Those living in China can also listen on Bili Bili.

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