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#25 Linka Lin 🇨🇳 - The power of genuinely trusting people

Linka Lin - Life Line Podcast Cover

Listen to Linka Lin just below or on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcasts. For those living in China, you can also listen on Bili Bili.

🎤 “When we are given trust that we can do something… it’s actually very, very scary until we actually do it. The first time I was on stage facilitating Startup Weekend, I was so nervous. I don't know if I’m doing well, what is in people’s heads and I can’t control my feelings. Until it’s over, we carry this fear that we didn’t prepare enough and are not ready enough. But things change the moment it’s finished. It’s like a transformative experience: ‘oh, it’s actually not that scary! I can actually do it’”.

🇨🇳 Linka Lin is an amazing human being from China who is a community builder, an entrepreneur, a mentor, a facilitator and a cheerleader for so many young changemakers in Asia-Pacific.

🙌 Today’s episode is very special: we welcome back Linka who was our first amazing guest a few months ago because there was still so many things to speak about with her. So today you will hear about her experience at UNDP and scaling the Movers Programme to empower 11,000 youth in Asia-Pacific and also her journey co-founding Storius, a travel-tech startup aiming at reinventing the way we travel.

💪 In her first episode, Linka was speaking about how she wants to be a dose of inspiration for other people and her mission to spread kindness. In today’s episode, we come back to her philosophy around kindness and how it shapes her relationships with other people.

😍 Finally, she shares with us her new daily routine to check whether she has learned something new, whether she’s taking care of her mental health and, of course, whether she has been kind to other people! Enjoy Part II of the conversation with Linka and message her to let her know her awesome she is. To know more about Linka’s journey, do not forget to listen or re-listen to the first episode of Life Line with Linka!


11’ - The mindset to spread genuine kindness around you

22’ - Empowering thousands of youth by trusting them with the Movers Programme

36’ - Overcoming the Impostor’s Syndrome

50’ - Joining UNDP Asia-Pacific as a young woman and youngest consultant

60’ - Embracing empathy tourism with Storius and exploring the world like a baby

108’ - Take care of your mental health, learn every day and be kind to people!

🗒️ References:

-Listen to the first episode with Linka.

-Discover and join the Movers Programme.

-Explore and listen to the stories of Storius.

-Listen to the TEDxTalk - Explore the world like a baby.

-Connect with Linka on LinkedIn.

🎧 Where to listen?

Those living in China can also listen on Bili Bili.

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