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#5 Anne-Laure Romanet 🇫🇷 - I want to help people find their inner power

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🎤 “How do you reconnect anyone with his or her own power of action? For young people, it can be: okay, I actually have the power to decide of my own life. For citizens, it can be: okay, as a group, we have the power to make something change”.

💪 In this episode, you will be meeting Anne-Laure Romanet, who is, in my opinion, one of the best facilitators I know! Her mission is to help citizens connect with their own power of action.

Anne-Laure shares with us how, early on, she took a path which was not for her and how she had to reinvent herself once she realised this. From that moment, she promised herself to support as many people as possible to take a path they build for themselves.

We speak about facilitation, participative leadership, purpose and the importance to create a safe space and encourage meaningful conversations in organisations. We of course speak about Knowmads Hanoi, Art of Hosting Vietnam and The Learning Hub, 3 key turning points in her personal reinvention in Vietnam!

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