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#20 Yee Siang Yong 🇲🇾 - A journey of self-empowerment

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🎤 ”We have a team of 30 volunteers. I'm the youngest and didn’t have any relevant experience but I need to coordinate everyone. Fortunately, my boss gave me a lot of space and believed in me a lot. I was so stressed, but my supervisor was like: “you can do it! And just do it because you can do it!”. So I was able to tell myself that, it’s okay, I have the ability to do it and it's not restricted by my age or my experience… and everything went pretty well!”.

🇲🇾 Yee Siang (Ashley) is a youth and environment advocate from Malaysia, who is passionate about building youth communities for sustainable development. She is currently serving as the youth representative to the UN for Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation while coordinating their youth empowerment program in the Republic of Sierra Leone.

💪 Her story is a great example of youth empowerment. She managed to connect with her inner power of action after a long journey volunteering, studying abroad, receiving trust and accepting responsibilities at work, setting self-discipline rules and inspiring other youth. She shares her passion for the environment, climate, life sciences and, most importantly, for badminton and French fries!


11’ - Understanding the world through volunteering

15’ - Volunteering, studying then working 10 years with Tzu Chi Foundation

31’ - Youth empowerment through trust and responsibility

39’ - The quest for self-discipline

52’ - Taking action for the climate and sustainable development

🗒️ References:

- Yee Siang featured in the Youth Voices for Climate Action.

- Connect with Yee Siang on Instagram.

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