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#6 Koyo Do 🇻🇳 - Life is a succession of trials and errors

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🎤 “Live life like practice. I think that is very different from what you were told when growing up. Somehow we expect ourselves to be successful from the start for some reason”.

💪 In today’s episode, you will be meeting Koyo, a visual artist who wants to develop empathy and understanding between people through storytelling.

Koyo sees her life as a succession of experiments, where each experiment is a learning opportunity to improve the next one. Koyo has worked in a video game agency, designed a children’s book for the UN, trained herself to be a Montessori teacher, has been a freelance designer and is now working on her own projects. And that’s through this iteration process that Koyo came back to what made her happy as a kid: creating stories!


4' - Growing up surrounded by art & multimedia

10’ - Creating a safe space for people through art

18’ - Don’t aim for perfection, take action

30’ - The experience of becoming a Montessori teacher

39’ - 5 steps backwards, 20 steps forward: learning from the past to build your future

47’ - Understanding your core values to stay in the right track

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