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#9 Gladys Llanes 🇵🇭 - From the grassroots, for the grassroots

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🎤 “I want people to know that I come from the province of the Philippines, from a small town in the mountain side. And I did my best to become who I wanted to be, I created something that you would not even imagine creating. I want to spread that positivity”.

💪 In today’s episode, you will be meeting Gladys Llanes, a fearless filmmaker from the Philippines. She shares with us how she was already writing her first scripts growing up in the mountains of Mindanao, with the dream to become a filmmaker one day.

Mission accomplished, and even better: years later, she co-founded Development Innovation Insider (Diinsider), a content creator and solution provider for entrepreneurs, development actors and partners in the bottom of the pyramid.

She focuses on showcasing grassroots innovations, trains aspiring changemakers from all around the world to become impact journalists and amplifies the impact of grassroots initiatives.

We discuss why it’s important for her to work with grassroots communities and improve the lives of the underserved, how she never gave up her dream to become a filmmaker and the crazy journey behind Diinsider that expanded across the world!


7’ - Growing up in the mountains, with the dream to become a filmmaker

15’ - Listening to your inner voice

28’ - The birth of Diinsider as a positive media

33’ - The secret to boost her self-confidence

40’ - About Diinsider’s international expansion: it’s all about the team

52’ - The future of Gladys and Diinsider

60’ - From the grassroots, for the grassroots

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Episode #1 Linka - I want to spread kindness.

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