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#4 Shomy Hasan Chowdhury 🇧🇩 - I turned my pain into my life purpose

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🎤 “I felt like I really need to step up, take action, go out there and tell people that: look, I lost my mom four days ago because of this, so please take these things seriously so that you don't lose the people you love. So that's pretty much when it started and ever since I continued my WASH activism”.

💪 In today’s episode, you will be meeting Shomy Hasan Chowdhury, a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) activist from Bangladesh and co-founder of Awareness 360, a youth-led organisation which aims to empower youth across the world to do community service. Shomy shares why she decided to dedicate her time and energy to ensure that no one dies from diarrhoea.

We discuss how Awareness 360 started in a burger joint and now has 1500 volunteers in 20+ countries. We discuss what are important milestones in her life that shaped who she is today and finally, she shares with us her love for Bangladesh and how she wants everyone to know about this amazing country!

Shomy has received many recognitions for her social work of over a decade, notably the President’s Volunteer Service Award (Gold) in 2012 from President Barack Obama for her outstanding contribution to community service. She has also brought pride for her nation by becoming the first and only Bangladeshi to have been awarded with the 2019 Princess Diana Legacy Award for her humanitarian work continuing Princess Diana’s legacy. She is currently serving as Global UNDP-Samsung Ambassador.


4' - Growing up doing community service and meeting Barack Obama

11' - The beginning of her WASH Activism

18' - The birth of Awareness 360 in a burger joint

23' - Why being empathetic shaped her activism and social work

32' - On a mission to leave no one behind, starting with sex workers

41' - Representing Bangladesh on the global stage

👉 You can contact Shomy and follow Awareness360 on Facebook!

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