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#39 Tawhida Shiropa 🇧🇩 - Providing mental health services for all in Bangladesh with Moner Bondhu

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🇧🇩 Tawhida Shiropa is a social entrepreneur from Bangladesh providing access to mental health services for all with Moner Bondhu, and former journalist with The Daily Prothom Alo, the largest circulated newspaper in Bangladesh.

😇 She shares her journey discovering the world of mental health as her mother struggled with depression, and how she started Moner Bondhu to break the taboo around mental health and provide relevant support services to as many people as possible.

💪 “When you are in crisis, you can count on us” is their motto, and they have benefitted more than 2 million people in Bangladesh so far by providing counselors, a 24/7 hotline, the first certified online course in Bengali, physical centers in garment factories and much more.

✍️ We also go through her career as a renowned journalist for 11 years and how she had to prove herself 3 times, as an aspiring writer, as a youth and as a woman to find success.

🏆 She received multiple awards acknowledging her amazing work from UNDP, UN Women, YSEALI or Acumen.


Beautiful portrait of Moner Bondhu by Youth Co:Lab.

Connect with Shiropa on LinkedIn.

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