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#37 Tutii Chilton 🇵🇼 - What if the opposite was true?

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🇵🇼 Tutii Chilton is an educator, sports for development advocate and storyteller from Palau, a small Island State in the Pacific.

🤠 He is passionate about philosophy and defines himself as a “contrarian” as he’s always reflecting on this question: « what if the opposite was true? ».

💪 His love for philosophy made him become a professor at the Palau Community College for more than 15 years, during which he kept asking his students: “what if the opposite was true?”. What if Palau was self-sufficient? What if Palauan youth were role models for other youth across the world? What if Palau was narrating its own story to the world?

🎯 Tutii has also been engaged with the Olympic Committee of Palau for the last 20 years to develop sports as a means for youth empowerment and for putting Palau on the global map. You never know, what if Palau brought back an Olympic gold medal in archery in 2024?

We discuss his long quest bringing his 2 passions - philosophy and sports - together, finding his purpose to make people think, and finding his community which was just around the corner in Palau.

Enjoy this super cool episode and how it makes you think!


10’ - Creating an enabling environment for his daughters

19’ - Empowering Palauan youth to think, take action & solve problems by themselves

51’ - Which community do you belong to?

61’ - Empowering youth through new sports in Palau

81’ - Being ready for the future

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