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#34 Carla Mumar 🇵🇭 - Developing a growth, grit and hacker mindset

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🇵🇭 Carla Mumar is serving underserved students in the Philippines to help them develop a growth mindset and their « grit » so they can find a purpose and unleash their potential.

✅ Carla always believed that she could have a fulfilling life without ticking all the boxes and wanted to prove she could be successful without a university degree.

🤩 She started her career as a call centre agent and then created her own curriculum to self-learn all the skills she needed to climb the corporate ladder and stand out in the job market.

💪 While she faced countless rejections, her hacker mindset and grit - passion and perseverance in service of a long-term goal - eventually led her to become a trainer and then founder of SCALE Solutions, to bring everything she has learned back to the community.

🎯 She shared how her life is an ongoing test and trial, where every job and experience was an opportunity to refine her purpose: to equip the marginalized youth with the skills they need to succeed and achieve their dreams.

We discuss the unexpected start of SCALE Solutions, her mental health and wellbeing routine and explore her hacker mindset.

🎤 “I applied to be a trainer and they said: ‘you did well with the interview! Unfortunately, because you don't have a degree…’ I was like, OMG, this degree… I am not going to let this stop me! I had nothing to lose, it was a risk for me but I wanted to show them that I can be a trainer even without a degree so I just told the interviewers: ‘okay, let's do it this way. There's a 6-month probation, right? So hire me, give me the salary of an agent, but give me the work of the trainer.
After 6 months, if I don’t pass the trainer's evaluation, it's still okay for you because you can still hire me and continue with my salary as an agent. But if I pass the evaluation period, then you just need to adjust my salary and switch my role to become a trainer. It's a win-win situation for you’. The salary difference is huge but I just wanted to prove a point that I can do this. Thank God after 6 months I passed the evaluation!”


8’ - Growing up outside of the box and society’s expectations

33’ - Disrupting her own education and hacking the system

51’ - How to develop a growth mindset

60’ - Fulfilling her purpose to serve underserved students with SCALE Solutions

100’ - Documenting her personal journey through a podcast


Listen to her podcast “A Dose of Intensity”.

Connect with Carla on LinkedIn.

Great TED Talk to understand “Grit”.

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