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#31 Laraib Abid 🇵🇰 - Bridging the gap in reproductive health

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🎤 “Sexual, reproductive health and rights (SRHR) is not one war, it's a seed from which so many things grow. Without SRHR, the problems of early age marriages, unhealthy pregnancies, issues between couples or abortion, grow. I always say that it's not about having a small family, it’s about having a healthy family. It's not about when you are going to have a child, but whether you are making a choice to have your family or if it's the peer or family pressure who's asking you”.

🇵🇰 Laraib Abid is a sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) activist from Pakistan. She has lead actions on this cause from grassroots to policy level and developed the first mobile and web application, “Bridge the Gap”, allowing all youth to trace free and easily accessible SRH services available around them.

💥 She shares her journey launching Flare of MASHAL, which has empowered 25,000 women so far to make informed decisions related to family planning. Flare of MASHAL is a youth and women-led organisation advocating for equal rights in society and women’s empowerment through sexual and reproductive health.

💪 We speak about how she learned to grab life-changing opportunities such as volunteering, scholarships abroad or grants, which made who she is today, and how she lives against the tide, being a woman in tech, and a woman addressing a taboo topic in Pakistan.


4’ - Living against the tide

22’ - How volunteering taught her how to grab opportunities

48’ - The birth of Flare of MASHAL, to fight for sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR)

58’ - The importance of mastering storytelling to convince your audience

65’ - The situation of SRHR in Pakistan

76’ - Bringing her grassroots work to the policy level

🗒️ References:

Read her amazing interview with Youth Co:Lab.

Connect with Laraib on LinkedIn.

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