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#15 Regina Larko 🇦🇹 - Turning her podcast into a social enterprise

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🎤 “I was so determined to start a podcast that, every day, I would have a little goal: learning how to edit an audio, finding an intro music... It was an accumulation of tiny steps bringing me to my bigger goal: the launch date. But what I didn’t realize… of course, the launch day is just the beginning!”

🇭🇰 Regina launched Hashtag Impact Podcast to amplify the voices of changemakers in Hong Kong. She launched her podcast in 2017 to follow a longstanding dream, with no particular expectations nor previous experience. It’s now one of the main podcasts in Hong Kong and a genuine social enterprise that also empowers aspiring podcasters to get started!

🇦🇹 Regina never had a master life plan. She just wanted to do things that are not mainstream, to be happy every day and to put a smile of people’s faces. We discuss about how she reinvented herself from scratch at each stage of her life, why she’s not taking herself too seriously and how she manages to be a successful mompreneur with 3 loving kids!

If you are looking for more inspiration, I really recommend listening to Hashtag Impact Podcast, you will love it!


9’ - Growing up directing and acting in her own shows, at home

13’ - Studying Chinese and moving to China, because it’s cool!

25’ - The importance to create your support system

32’ - Finding your podcasting style

41’ - Starting a podcast, tiny step by tiny step

49’ - Transforming the podcast into a social enterprise

🗒️ References:

Hashtag Impact: You will find great interviews as well as resources to start your own podcast!

Hashtag Impact Episode #4, where I appear, during my times at SoInSoGood, in Hong Kong!

Her TEDxTalk - “The Magic of Listening”.

Regina recommends The On Being Podcast!

The Story of Regina, in an article.

🎧 Where to listen?


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