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#12 Ra'eed Ali 🇫🇯 - Fighting for our planet and social justice

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🎤 “Tokenism was definitely a large challenge. For all policies, we ensure that the most vulnerable and young people are not only consulted, but part of the development, implementation and monitoring process”.

🇫🇯 Ra’eed Ali is known as “The Plastics Guy” in Fiji for his impact with Precious Plastic Fiji, the social enterprise he co-founded. He’s also a youth advocate with the Alliance for Future Generations, a climate activist with Fiji and was the proud Fiji youth representative for the COP24 and COY14 in Poland!

💪 We discuss how he got into all these international, regional and national networks and how he’s leveraging on them to engage the youth in Fiji and make a difference. Ra’eed shares why his life is all about environmental protection and social justice and all the things that made him connect to his own power of action.


4’ - On which side is the Fiji flower?

7’ - Being humble and not taking things for granted

13’ - Leading a disaster response at 12 years old

26’ - The birth and growth of Precious Plastic Fiji

38’ - Representing Fiji at the COP24 (Conference of Parties)

48’ - Connecting with your own power of action as a youth

54’ - How to lead the biggest youth-led movement on sustainable development in Fiji

60’ - Lessons learned during his incredible journey

71’ - You don’t need to reinvent the wheel

81’ - Why Fiji will save the world

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