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#10 Asish Thakur 🇳🇵 - Age is just a number

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🎤 “I started volunteering in different organizations outside of school. I was getting into different worlds, I was meeting different people, even the high-level people in Nepal, and with all these activities… some people started telling me: ‘you are very young to do all these things’.”

💪 In today’s episode, you will be meeting Asish, a young Nepali who firmly believes in the power of youth, specifically teenagers. Very active during his teenage years, he co-founded the media platform Glocal Khabar at 18 to showcase inspiring teenagers and encourage them to continue fighting for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Glocal quickly developed skills development programs and its flagship 20 Under 20 Ceremony to award and celebrate the work of teenagers in Nepal first, then South Asia, and soon the world?

We discuss what triggered his early social work, how he built a strong team around his mission to empower teenagers and grew Glocal even beyond Nepal!


7’ - Realising his power of action at a very young age

13’ - “You are very young to do all these things”

17’ - Starting a positive media to showcase teenagers

23’ - Transitioning to skills development

32’ - What gave him the strength to ta be a super active teenager

40’ - Amazing stories of teenagers supported by Glocal

45’ - Launching 20 Under 20 to celebrate the impact of teenagers

📝 References:

Read the "People Who Shaped Glocal" Series.

Discover and collaborate with Glocal, Glocal After School and Glocal Teen Hero.

Connect with Asish on LinkedIn.

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