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#8 Shaan Suhas Kumar 🇮🇳 - From model to role model

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🎤 “I used to get very affected with what people were saying, but I think it's a skill you have got to learn, especially if you are ambitious. Because any single time you are trying to reach a place where you become visible to other people, there will be some people who want to be in your place, but cannot for whatever reason, and they are going to hate you for it".

💪 Shaan is a gender, climate and youth empowerment advocate. We discuss about her life-changing experience with Teach For India, where she discovers the education crisis in her country by teaching in low-income communities. We discuss about her transition being a model to live her childhood dream and inspire others with her climate advocacy.

She walks us through how she became Miss Earth India 2017 and her following journey exploring climate action, social entrepreneurship and now gender equality. Shaan shares with us what she learned along the way becoming a public figure and her plans for the future to keep on learning and inspiring others!


5' - Realizing the flaws of India's education system with Teach For India

19' - Following her intuition & starting small to create a documentary on Teach For India alumni

26' - Going back to her dreams of being a model

38' - Developing her environmental and climate advocacy

47' - Becoming Miss Earth India 2017

68' - Stop thinking that you haven't done good enough

71' - How to receive criticism

81' - APYE and Jagriti Yatra: 2 life-changing experiences

104' - The dots will connect... be patient!

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