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#3 Yama Saraj 🇦🇫🇱🇺 - I always wanted to fight for my community

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🎤 "If you don't have role models, be a role model!"

💪 In today’s episode, you will be meeting Yama Saraj, a Dutch-Afghan changemaker with many lives: from creating his own social startup (recycling car tyres to produce punching bags) to lecturing R&D at university, launching an inclusive investment fund, and much more!

Yama will share with us how all his different experiences ultimately connect towards his life purpose: to bring more diversity into the French startup ecosystem and to contribute to the development of Afghanistan.


4’ - Moving to Paris with a startup, lots of ideas, and no money

11’ - Growing up in The Netherlands as a refugee

21’ - Going back to Afghanistan to have an impact

27’ - The secret to networking: solve people’s problems & pay it forward

31’ - Bringing more diversity in the tech ecosystem

37’ - Launching an inclusive venture capital fund

45’- Recycling car tyres to produce punching bags

👉 You can continue asking him questions on his Ask Me Anything page, support his startup's crowdfunding campaign and connect with Yama on LinkedIn.

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