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#24 Shunsuke Miyatake 🇯🇵 - The beauty of everyday life stories

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🎤 “I want to find the values in our everyday life, mainly with the people who are not mainstream. The kids selling food for pigeons on the Riverside, most people don't like them and find them annoying. But it’s fine! They have to live. Have you ever talked with them? Most people don't even talk to them. I’m hanging out with them, taking photos, printing them and passing it to them. And they remember me: ‘oh, he is coming, he is coming! Take a photo of me!’”

🇯🇵 Shunsuke Miyatake (Take) is a photographer from Japan on a mission to spotlight everyday life moments, those that usually go through life unnoticed.

📸🇰🇭 He started taking random photos with his iPhone in 2010, deleted everything, quickly learned the basics, restarted by taking photos of his kids in traditional Japanese moments, bought a proper camera, and started capturing the beauty of everyday Cambodia to his 36K followers on Instagram.

⚽ We discuss the evolving philosophy behind his photography work, the small moments that shaped the photographer he is today, and his other life as a semi-professional football player!


11’ - Playing football at 4 years old and growing up willing to be professional

24’ - Football is a universal language

40’ - From random iPhone photos to being showcased by Instagram globally

56’ - Capturing the beauty of everyday life stories in Cambodia

73’ - Standing by the most vulnerable people

93’ - His secret? To take photos every day

101’ - What is your Ikigai?

🗒️ References:

-Explore his beautiful photos on his Instagram feed.

-Discover his project Humanista around Ikigai.

-Have a look at all his amazing projects.

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