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#23 Pamela Mejia 🇵🇭 - Reinventing the fashion industry

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🎤 “I designed a simple t-shirt on PowerPoint, the only software I knew how to use. And that’s it! I printed 10 t-shirts, 10 pre-order sheets, went to the 10 classrooms on my floor and I pitched: “Hey guys, I'm doing a souvenir t-shirt, bla bla bla.” I didn’t expect 250 pre-orders! Our small home became a mini-factory. Imagine… it’s my mom, my dad, my 6 year old brother and my 4 year old sister! That taught me a lot. That was my first venture in business... at 17!”

🇵🇭 Pamela Mejia is a fashion social entrepreneur from the Philippines who founded both PHINIX to turn textile waste into higher value products and FIBERS to train other fashion social entrepreneurs.

💪 She shares with us her crazy adventure launching and growing her first fashion business at 17 years old while in high school, and then all her learnings from her 2nd and 3rd fashion businesses at 19 and 21 that helped launch PHINIX with solid grounds.

🔥 We discuss her journey getting into fashion and then sustainable fashion, her reflections about the early years of PHINIX and the big dreams she is working towards: to completely reinvent the fashion industry and to inspire the next generations of fashion social entrepreneurs.

It’s a super energetic and fun episode full of learnings, so enjoy this episode! ❤️


13’ - Launching her first business to finance her 18th birthday party

33’ - Her long journey to find her “Why”

60’ - The rise of PHINIX to tackle the textile waste challenge

88’ - The rebirth of PHINIX and the quest to reinvent the fashion industry

95’ - Training the next generation of fashion social entrepreneurs with FIBERS

🗒️ References:

-Follow Pamela’s stories on Instagram and check PHINIX’s amazing products on Instagram too!

-Watch these 2 cool videos about Pamela and PHINIX: one by UNDP, one by UNEP :)

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