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#18 Tashi Wangdi 🇧🇹 - Empowering entrepreneurs in Bhutan

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🎤 “I went around and looked for a space. Luckily, I got in touch with 1 of my seniors. He wanted to live abroad and he was trying to sell his furniture. So I told him: I cannot pay you directly, but I know how to develop a website. I will develop a travel agent website for you so that you can still market your tour operator abroad. We agreed and he gave me 8 tables and 12 chairs. That's how we started”.

🇧🇹 Tashi is an “accidental entrepreneur” empowering the first wave of social entrepreneurs in Bhutan. He founded iHub, the first private coworking space and pre-incubation programme in the country, learning how to run a business along with the entrepreneurs he was supporting.

We discussed why he quit a comfortable job in Singapore to restart everything in Bhutan, his crazy journey finding and supporting the first entrepreneurs of iHub, and his life-changing meeting with His Majesty the King of Bhutan.

💪 You will love Tashi’s drive to boost the entrepreneurship ecosystem and create an entrepreneurial culture in Bhutan, his candid respect for the leaders of his country and his outstanding capacity to get things done!


5’ - Being an accidental entrepreneur

11’- Dreaming of a corporate 9 to 5 job and moving to Singapore

22’- Going back to Bhutan to start the first private coworking space and incubator

30’ - You need to find the right mentors

40’ - How the Bhutanese culture influences the entrepreneurial culture

46’ - Selecting the right founders to support

51’ - Meeting His Majesty The King

64’ - You need to think about your role in the ecosystem

🗒️ References:

To know more about Bhutan, read the articles of Dr. Karma Phuntsho.

The world-famous TED Talk from former Prime Minister of Bhutan.

Photo of Tashi with His Majesty The King.

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