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#17 Thuan Sarzynski 🇫🇷🇻🇳 - Exploring the coffee of tomorrow

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🎤 “I don’t care about what people think. I have my own goals and the things I want to do in life, for myself, for people, and I don't really mind if people agree with me, I just do it, you know? Because I don't like validation. I think a lot of people need validation to do what they do… and for me, I tried to avoid this bias of being validated by others.”

🇫🇷🇻🇳 Thuan is a French-Vietnamese PhD student who is exploring the coffee of tomorrow, or in other words, the coffee that can adapt to climate change.

He is passionate about popular science, tried to be a renowned YouTuber, and has been writing about environment, climate, coffee and his daily life stories on his personal Medium blog since 2015.

☕ We discuss about the journey of discovery that led him studying coffee for his PhD, what the coffee of tomorrow might look like and his secret to continue publishing hundreds of articles!


6’ - Having multiple identities

10’ - Exploring the world to discover different cultures

19’ - Falling in love with popular science

23’ - Exploring the coffee that can adapt to climate change

37’ - What citizens can do to support sustainable coffee producers

45’ - Trying to be a travel YouTuber ;)

47’ - Starting a blog to keep on learning

64’ - Detaching yourself from peer validation

🗒️ References:

-Thuan’s talk at TEDxYouth@Hanoi - The coffee of tomorrow.

-Thuan’s YouTube channel.

-Thuan’s Medium blog:

-Connect with Thuan on LinkedIn: and on Twitter.

-Thuan’s conference - A cup of resilience.

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