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#16 Alinery Lianhlawng 🇮🇳 - Unleashing the talent of grassroots youth

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🎤 “I really enjoyed school: I was always the number one! I ended up being the first one to study science, to get out of my hometown and then eventually went into one of the best universities.
Reflecting on how I studied, how I grew up and then accessing a world-class education, I realized that it does not take much time for someone to have a transformation when you start providing the same resources and opportunities”.

🇮🇳 In today’s episode, you will meet Alinery, a super inspiring social entrepreneur and Indigenous youth leader from the tribal community of Mizoram, in India.

She founded Rochun: Pay It Forward which aims to empower youth from grassroots India through education to realize their full potential.

📚💻 She has built 11 libraries, mentored hundreds of young people, implemented digital literacy programs and brought many international opportunities to her home State.

She shares with us her childhood during which she questioned everything, how she excelled at school and got a life-changing scholarship to study in Bangladesh, and why she took the path of social entrepreneurship.

It was such a great pleasure to discuss with Alinery, her journey is really amazing and humbling, so have a great episode!


7’ - Empowering youth with Rochun: Pay It Forward

15’ - Growing up in the tribal community of Mizoram, India

31’ - Questioning everything and discovering what’s beyond her hometown

39’ - Receiving a prestigious scholarship to study at the Asian University for Women

47’ - Discovering the development sector and its limits…

66’ - … and taking the social entrepreneurship path

80’ - Building Rochun’s first grassroots library and then another 10 libraries

96’ - Be proud of what you have achieved!


-Connect with Alinery on LinkedIn

-Explore & support the activities of Rochun: Pay It Forward

-The Asian University for Women is an independent, international university in Chittagong, Bangladesh seeking to educate a new generation of leaders in Asia. AUW admits students solely on the basis of merit, regardless of their family's income level. Nearly all students are on full scholarship with many as the first in their family to attend university

-Read Alinery’s Story

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