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#13 Milie 🇻🇳 - Find a purpose that makes you alive

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🎤 “Through my journey, I can observe how different I am from being a person without purpose with the person I am today. That makes a complete difference in anyone's life.”

🇻🇳 Milie is the co-founder of Innovation Incubator, a social enterprise that aims to unleash the leadership potential of young Vietnamese. Her mission is to foster social innovation and entrepreneurship for sustainable development in grassroots communities.

🧭 We lay down her journey discovering youth leadership, social innovation and entrepreneurship with AIESEC - the largest youth-run non profit -, with UNDP, Tandemic and APYE. She shares with us how each of these experiences successively built one brick of what Innovation Incubator is today.

💥 We discuss why it’s important for youth to find a purpose that makes them alive and how finding it for herself changed her vision of life!


7’ - Named after the 3 Soong sisters

10’ - Empowered to empower youth with AIESEC

24’ - Listening to your inner voice

33’ - Fostering social innovation and entrepreneurship in grassroots communities in Thailand with UNDP

48’ - The experience working in an innovation consultancy in Malaysia

58’ - Going back home to unleash the leadership potential of young Vietnamese

66’ - The importance to find a purpose that makes you alive

75’ - Creating a team with a common purpose

91’ - In the end, we should just thrive to be happy!

🗒️ References:

The Soong Sisters were three Chinese women who were, along with their husbands, amongst China's most significant political figures of the early 20th century

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