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Afia Maleha Esha

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Afia Maleha Esha
What are you doing these days?

I just finished the closing ceremony of the Youth Co:Lab pre-Summit event series and now I'm preparing to submit my assignments. Other than that, I'm writing stories as I became a storyteller with Storius and I also recently became an international ambassador for the "International Language competition" arranged by my university team.

What is/are 1 or 2 moments that shaped who you are today?

The most challenging moments always help me to grow. One of them was when I moved to Malaysia... I was totally alone, my parents were not there to help me to do my things, so I got to see how the world is when you don't have your parents around you. I learned so many things and I became mentally strong.

If you could go back in time, 10 years ago, what would you tell your younger self?

I would like to tell my younger self that making mistakes is okay, being diffrent is okay, not understanding the society is okay, not being understood is also okay. But getting your heart broken for every small things is not okay. Anything that cotsts your peace of mind is not okay. You have to be mentally strong, otherwise this world will eat you up.

How do you want people to know you and remember you for?

I want to be known for my good work, as a good human, as an inspiration and also for my ambitions.

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